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How to connect Voilà! to your personal calendar: Gmail, Outlook, Calendar

It may often be handy for you to see your work schedule directly in your personal or professional calendar app.

 As such, you can synch your Voilà! schedule with most of the most popular calendar apps. You can therefore see your shifts and other responsibilities all under a same roof!

To do so : 

  1. Open the Voilà! Web console.
  2. Navigate to your personal profile.
  3. Click on the ... right of your picture.
  4. Click on Share to external calendar.
  5. Click on Generate a URL.
  6. Copy the URL displayed.

Then, you can navigate to your favourite calendar app, and add your Voilà! calendar using the URL you just copied. Here are some guidelines for the most popular calendars:

Outlook: http://bit.ly/outlook_cal

Google Calendar : http://bit.ly/Googlecal

iCal: http://bit.ly/ical_from_url