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Creating a Business Account

A business account allows you to manage your employees and collaborate with them to create their schedules.

  1. Open the Voilà! web console
  2. Click on Create a New Company.
  3. Enter your email in the box provided.
  4. A validation code will be sent to your email.
  5. Take note of the four-digit code to access Voilà!.
  6. Enter the code and wait for the validation icon to appear.
  7. Click on Next.
  8. Enter your first and last name.
  9. Choose a password.
  10. Help us get to know you better by entering your company and industry name.
  11. Enter each existing position in your company. Example: clerk, waiter, delivery man, busboy etc.
  12. Create profiles of employees whose schedules you want to manage.
  13. Record the different locations where your employees work.
  14. Now it’s time to create your first schedule.
  15. Voilà!
Updated on November 28, 2019

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