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Creating a Shift in Calendar View

The planning view allows you to see all your schedules and your employee’s shifts.

  1. Click the Schedule tab, in the left sidebar of the page, select Calendar mode.
  2. You have two ways to create a shift:
    • Select a time slot in the calendar by dragging your cursor.
    • Click the purple icon identified by a +.
  3. A new window will open.
  4. Enter all the required information :
    • The start date of the shift.
    • The start time of the shift.
    • The end time of the shift.
    • If the end time isn’t known, turn on Variable end time. The employee’s schedule will still be considered busy for the entire period entered.
    • In the case of recurring shifts, define the recurrence.
    • The team to which the shift is assigned.
    • Position to occupy
    • The shift’s location.
  5. If several employees are required for the same shift, select the number of employees that are required.
  6. Assign shifts to employees or adjust invitation settings as needed.
  7. Indicate whether the shift includes a paid preparation period or an unpaid break.
  8. Enter a message or additional directions to share with other invited employees on the shift.
  9. You can also select the draft box so that employees won’t immediately see the shift. You can make it visible at any time.
  10. Voilà!

Updated on June 5, 2020

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