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Using Voilà’s Instant Messaging Service

Being able to view, accept or even trade schedules with your colleagues is great but what if you wanted to reach a specific person to ask for a shift swap or remind a coworker not to bring lunch because the boss bought pizza for everyone. Well there is a way our Instant messaging service allows you to talk to your colleagues at all times. 

Better yet, you can initiate a conversation with a whole group of coworkers at once.

  1. Open the Voilà! web console
  2. Open Conversations.
  3. Click on the purple drawing icon.
  4. Select the employees you want to speak to. You can also create a conversation with all employees sharing a team, position or location.
  5. Click on the green check mark.
  6. Write your first message and look at the read receipt (eye icon) to see who’s read it yet.
  7. Voilà!
Updated on June 5, 2020

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